Nomadic Female DJ Troupe MIX ONE

The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe are Francine Perry, Lisa Busby and Ruthie Woodward, who converge as a collective through the shared use of found sonic materials within their work. 

Initially formed as a live ensemble in 2015, they explored ‘roaming’ outdoor performances, working site-responsively and in an improvised way. They’ve popped up at festivals and gigs with live mixes, performing off stage and often without mains electricity, also led workshops and undertaken other interventions/actions including aerobics and karaoke. 

The group’s unique methodology blurs the lines between experimental live improvisation and more traditional mixing practices; using live sung voices in the mix; investigating plurivocal and collectivized structures inspired by feminist activist histories.

released March 20, 2017 on The Lumen Lake

Francine Perry